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Batik " Rumah Kayla " is a pekalongan batik producers who produce various kinds of batik clothing Men and Women in the marketing area of the island of Java ( Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi) Kalimantan, Kupang and Dili, with a market orientation: Wholesale Mall, and shop.Therefore the price we offer batik course at below-market prices. Like batik products Hem Rp. 19.000, batik women Rp 19.000, in addition to maintaining our originality is always changing models and motives for 2 weeks. For our market expansion opportunities to the individual / individuals to join our marketing. ........ Why sell at a low price?
because we have an advantage:
1. the process of making batik clothing materials to our own production
2. Production factors in pekalongan-downs, such as labor and raw materials
3. The minimum stock concept & product by order so we do not need other costs are high, in a way to change the model and the average motif 2 weeks
Our business 4.orientasi directly only to the seller, so we do not need a shop rent, electricity, etc.
5.online promote, trimming the cost of promotion

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